Rise and Shine Letterpress and Design Studio

Mad Maude Press has moved!

After bringing the art and craft of modern letterpress printing to Philadelphia, Mad Maude Press embarked on a new journey. We picked up shop and moved to Alexandria, Louisiana. Our new company is known as Rise and Shine Letterpress and Design Studio.

Philly will always be our home town, and we will be happy to work with you no matter where we are. You will find our friendly, service-oriented approach will make it seem like we're right around the corner. Plus, our expanded facility and central location makes many more options possible.

Please update your bookmark and visit us at riseandshinepaper.com, e-mail info@riseandshinepaper.com, or call us at (800) 213-6408.

Visit www.riseandshinepaper.com or call (800) 213-6408. Mention Mad Maude and receive free UPS Second Day Air Shipping of any order under 15 lbs.